How to Pose: Suggestions for Bride and Groom and Couples

These poses are for those madly in love, and sharing their special day. When you look back on your wedding day years down the road and pull out the guest book, you may just want to see some of these poses.

1. Surprise Kiss – Pure Surprise!

2. Smooch Smooch – Pucker up and give each other a big smooch.

3. Pick Her Up – If the booth allows it, pick the bride up!

4. Pulling His Tie – Girl leads the gent with his tie, preferably while he’s being caught!

5. Fishing Pole Reeling – You just caught yourself a groom!

6. Create a Heart – Use a hand from the bride and a hand from the groom to create a heart shape between you.

7. Blow Kisses – And perhaps catch them as well.

8. Wink – And look flattered!

9. Proposal Reenactment – Bring back the memories of a couple years, months, or weeks ago.